You can circumvent this problem with the Typo glossary

Re: Not a big deal but... -- GWrinkle
Posted by Emmanuel ® , 01/09/2021, 05:44:59 Reply Top of Thread Forum

The Typo Glossary is a real good place to store what we call lazy shift typos.

So you could indeed define the following typo:

l4-l5 => L4-L5

so that you can type l4-l5 and get L4-L5 automatically.

Plus the other combinations of course. Having them in your Typo Glossary is a good way not to clutter your expansion glossaries. Furthermore, if you have a lot of lazy shift typos I would even recommend creating a lazy_shift_typos.xglo glossary where you would group them all and include that glossary in the Typo Glossary.

You can do that as follows. In the Glossary Viewer:
- select File->New
- select Typo glossary
- name it lazy_shift_typos or whatever you like
- populate the empty lazy shift typo glossary with the wanted typos
- right-click your Glossary List to open the Glossary Menu
- select View Typo Glossary
- click on the Include button
- in the Edit Glossary Includes window click on Add and include the lazy shift typos glossary

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