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Posted by Emmanuel , 01/03/2021, 10:38:00 Reply   Forum

We wish you all a Happy New Year.

It is in our spirit to be productive from day 1, so we issued a new build the very first day of this new year. :-)

It brings some improvements to the Enrich from Documents... feature.

As you might have noticed, when you compile a bunch of documents, the text extraction can take some time. In order to be able to try and compile your documents several times with different frequencies, the text extraction phase is now done only once, for subsequent compiles with the same set of documents, the text extraction is optimized away. This comes in handy to do the Enrich from Documents... in an incremental way. I now tend to process as follows:

I set a minimun frequency of 5 for words and 9999 for phrases in order to concentrate only on words. If the compilation finds too many words that I don't want, I cancel the Select Enrich Entries dialog and I compile again with a frequency of 10 for words and 9999 for phrases. Once I have empirically found the right frequency for words I select the words I want and close the Select Enrich Entries dialog with OK. Then I concentrate on phrases by setting a minimum frequency of 9999 for words and 5 for phrases and iterate the same ways as previously explained for words...

Hope you get the idea. The best is probably to experience by yourself. You may find other ways to play with this feature now that the text extraction phase only slows down the process once!

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